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Lets have some fun together!

It's actually the guiding principle for this. We are loose bunch of people coming from a few differnt guilds that all feel that the importance of this game is to have fun together.

We do raids together, but with emphasis on inclusion and letting everyone learn at the same pace. We don't belive in elite teams which means that everyone but today raid leader will be randomized in with equal chance of going if you have the gear requirements. We belive that having many people for each spot creates a possibility to always take on any boss and have fun together.

Also we are oldies all of us almost exclusively 30+ or even 50+. 

Very warm welcome join us and have some great fun no matter if we are wiping or trashing bosses.

The Spokes persons 
of Joint venture
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All bosses down in The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple!

Maya.Yaima, Feb 29, 12 11:54 AM.

This Monday we got down all four bosses in The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple! We started with Morchok and got him down on 9 man on first try with a party of Council of Honor and Somnium people. After this we had the luck to pug a nice raider with experience of the rest of the bosses and with his guidance we got down the rest of the 3 bosses for the first time! Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures but we will next time we get them down! Many thanks to all that joined: Mizuta, Nídala, Airie, Scopio, Slief, Krunchonix, Svartlurg, Azraphel and our pug Avradakadavra 



Bonbear, Sep 25, 11 4:21 PM.
Our first time in Firelands raid...

This was a fun run, we started to clear trash to get some rep, and...
ohhh was that a boss we killed?!

Shannox is down!

Get your flying mount

Bonbear, Sep 22, 11 4:53 PM.
Great news everyone.... who is exalted with Council of Honour!

We managed to kill both Chogal and Alakir in the same evening.
This means that you can buy 2 mounts from the guild vendor.



Now stop ressing onyxia!

Bonbear, Sep 11, 11 4:21 PM.
As you all know Nefarian ressed Onyxia.

We have killed her, why bring her back?
Well one solution would be to kill Nefarian 

So what did we do?
We killed Nefarian 

Frist try on Nefarian

Bonbear, Aug 30, 11 4:04 AM.
Last Sunday we had a go on Nefarian.
We managed to get a hang of the machanics of the fight and before we went of to Four winds we had him down to 35%.

It was nice to see that we managed to do this good on Nefarian and I am confident that next time we will have a bbq there with lots of dragon meat and maybe some cake for desert (if we get a mage to come) 
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